Events Hosted at Greyhaven

Yes, we throw parties. Doesn’t everyone? Our events are usualy held on a Saturday (unless otherwise noted), starting at 8:00pm.

If you would like to be placed on our mailing-list or otherwise be invited, please send me a note.

The Bardic Circle (Twice yearly – once in Spring, once in Fall. Current dates as of yet unset).
The Bardic Circle has a long tradition of shared poetry, songs, and music.  In the first round, everyone performs a short piece–later offerings can be longer.  We welcome a variety of religious, political, and artistic points of view. Some of you have been before and know what to expect, others may be curious. Either way, if you can come, or would like more information, please contact us.
The Charlie Party (Summer/Fall. Current date as of yet unset).
At the end of Summer, Charlie arrives as a “party in a box”, with music and mood of the 60’s (and sometimes other times). It’s for dancing and being, as “being is beyond Charlie“, after all.
New Years Eve Ball (December 31st)
Waltzing all night in the company of friends, and it’ll end once we all nod off. Wear whatever makes you feel elegant.