Residents of Greyhaven

Diana L. Paxson was born in Detroit, Michigan, on the 20th of February, 1943, but came to Los Angeles at the age of 3 and has been a Californian ever since. When she got to Mills College in 1960, she realized she was meant to be a northern Californian. After Mills, she got a M.A. degree in Comparative (Medieval) Literature from U.C. Berkeley and put on the first Tournament, thus starting the Society for Creative Anachronism. She married one of the other founders, Jon DeCles, and became the mother of two children, Ian & Robin. In 1971 she began seriously writing. Her first short story was published in 1978 and her first novel in 1981 (see bibliography). She has been writing ever since. Along the way she also founded the Fellowship of the Spiral Path, was consecrated priestess in 1982, and became an Elder in the Covenant of the Goddess and the Troth.

Ian Grey was born in Oakland on September 12th, 1968. He grew up in Berkeley, and intends to stay in the great Bear State Republic of California until the Sun snuffs it. He has tried his hand at the less visual dramatic arts, as well as Motion Picture operation, desk-top publishing, web-page design, fencing, writing, and RPGs. He co-wrote a Thieves’ World story with Diana L. Paxson (“The Ghost in the Phoenix,” Enemies of Fortune, published 2004 by Tor Books), and is associated with Good Omens Games. In ’94 he married long time fianc√© Elisabeth Hetherington and with her had three beautiful children in Evan, Michael, and Arael.

Other current residents and family members residing here include Elizabeth Grey, Evan Grey, Michael Grey, Arael Grey, Nancy Giese, Astrid Giese-Zimmer, three cats (Treeflower,Sneferu & Kufu) and one dog (Grendel).

Extended Family

Also of Note are Don (Jon DeCles, Mason Powell, Ramfis Firethorn) Studebaker, Tracy Blackstone Zimmer, Fiona L. Zimmer, Dan Ellis, and more… They’ve all lived with us at some point in our 40+ years here, and have contributed to our traditions and history.

Dearly Departed

Though they have left us, they still are with us at least in spirit: Paul Edwin Zimmer, Evelin Conklin Zimmer, Marion Zimmer-Bradley, David Bradley, and Patric Kelson.